Virtually Silent.

DockHinges have a patented bushing system so they are virtually silent. It may look like there is metal-on-metal but the hitch grips the outer sleeve of the hinge tightly. The sleeve then moves around the fixed pin on a patented bushing system silently.


And this is why we say it is easy and safe. The DockHinge functions from above. You stay out of the water and harm's way.

Depending on your dock set up you can use dock rings with lines to pull the dock closer to your ramp or the piece you are connecting. Then using a slight pressure on the floater you can drop the hinge side enough to place the hitch over. The hitch will carry the weight while you secure & self-align the hinge from above.

Yes. You can mount to either.

Wood: using either a 3/8" carriage bolt or 1/2" for bigger water. The bolt pattern is a standard 3.5" plate and if you're not sure then the 3/8" is the better choice - you can always bore through the holes for a larger size.

Aluminum: We have the solid plates that can be welded or you can secure using bolts to aluminum.


A standard 3/4" socket similair to a tire iron or an attachment on your drill.

This is a gentle process so snug the tooth up and grip the flang. Using a low torque on your drill is ideal.

It is completely self-contained you will never drop or lose a pin again.

The actuation bolt is secured underneath so it never leaves the hitch.

Once you have these DockHinges installed it is as easy as 1,2,3.


For height variations, use our Risers to eliminate the toe-stubbing difference.

For gaps, it is easy to extend the dock boards over the DockHinge to reduce the gap. This is wonderful for small children, pets and dock safety.

Be sure to leave access to the bolt from above (you'll see our hole in the decking) and consider the wave action: the closer the boards the less range-of-motion you will have.


A limited lifetime guarantee. With over 20,000 units in the market we know they work.

We guarantee it.

160 degrees is the full range of motion.

Two units per join.

DockHinges come as 1 unit and you will need 2 for each join.

Backing plates are recommended when mounting DockHinges with carriage bolts. They are placed on the back side of your materials to add strength to the wood or other materials. 

If you are mounting into a corner bracket then backing plates won't be necessary. Also, mounting into aluminum is usually strong enough.

Set of 2 per price (per DockHinge).

The bolt patterns match perfectly with your DockHinge. Example you would need two sets of backing plates for two DockHinge.  This would give you 4 backing plates. 

Purchase the same size as your DockHinge example: 1/2" or 3/8" for the hardware.