The Spring Thaw!

The Spring Thaw!

Oh yes, the ice has gone out but the water is still icy!

And getting that dock in the water always happens on a cold, windy day. The water is above your waders. It's 3'C if your lucky. The dock is heavy and the family is mad. You're trying to line up the plate & pin without crushing your finger. Just when you get it your partner drops the pin in the lake! Ahhhhh. 

There has to be a better &$@# way?

There is now! DockHinge has solved every pain point in the dock coupler world. 

Fully self-contained. That means nothing to ever drop, lose or misplace again. Ever. So easy. 

Self-supporting. You simply place the hitch on the hinge and it carries all that heavy dock weight so you don't have to. You can easily drop one side on while you use the wind and wave action to drift the other side over to the connect. So much safer.  

Functions from above. You're not lining up the plate & pin. You're not even in the water. The actuating bolt is on top and requires one tool. That's it. 

And once installed - which take about 5 minutes, it's quiet. No metal-on-metal. Our patented bushing system ensures you get to relax in the quiet serenity of your beautiful lake. The way it was intended. 

Make this the year of change - for the better.