Spring brings dock weekend!

Spring brings dock weekend!

If you are opening the cottage and excited about the long, langid summer ahead then you are not alone. It is a time of such promise after the long, cold winter we have all experienced.

What would you say is the worst job during opening? The goose poo? The lawn furniture? Oh no - it's putting in the dock. 

Although we spend countless hours enjoying our docks with boats rafted up, lazing in Muskoka chairs, cooling off with an easy dip in the lake, the actual day you have to set it up is very different. 

Typically it goes something like this; it's always a cold, windy spring day with the ice just off the frigid lake. You have gathered as many friends and family around as possible to help with the heavy loads. Both you and your partner have to be waist deep in the cold water working to hold that heavy ramp or floating dock even and steady so you can reach under all that weight and slide that pin in. It almost seems impossible but finally, after much yelling and swearing, success! Now the other side...and just when it's close, which is hard with the first side now tight, you drop the pin. Ahhhhhh. 

Let us introduce you to a totally different scenario. With DockHinge installed you can simply place the hitch (attached to your ramp side) over the hinge (on your shoreline). The hinge will carry the load and if you have this set up with simple dock rings and a line, you can lift this from the shoreline - staying completely dry. 

Then, with one tool, you secure the bolt from above...above! You're not even in the water! No worries about getting your fingers caught between those heavy loads. And there are no pins. That's right - no pins at all. It's self contained so you'll never drop or lose a pin again. 

And when you secure the DockHinge it will self-align as well. And it has a 160 degree range-of-motion and, get this, a virtually silent function. I know - it seems hard to believe. DockHinge has a patented bushing system so you never have to hear that clanking, grinding, squeaking noise again. 

We want you to love your dock. See what others have said, ask around your lake or just jump in and give it us try. 

Take back your dock weekend!