Calling all Dock Builders!

Calling all Dock Builders!

Check this out. 

A Canadian inventor/ contractor, living on a lake, has found the solution to the age-old plate & pin system. DockHinge

This DockHinge system is a premium solution for your docks and your customers. The functionality is such a gamer-changer that your customers will thank you for insisting on this choice. And we have partner rates for Dock Builders, so even better. 

Cottagers can easily & safely manage the annual set-up & break-down so fewer angry calls from cottagers requiring your help. 

DockHinge uses standard carriage bolt mounting pattern and can be attached to wood, welded to aluminum, or secured to any reasonable surface like stone or concrete. 

This new hitch & hinge system is all self-contained - no loose parts so no lost pins ever again. 

It is self-supporting so you can place the hitch over the hinge, and it will support the weight of the ramp or dock before you tighten it. 

It is self-aligning, so the work happens when you tighten the actuation bolt, not from in the water with your hands between the docks. 

And it functions from above, so by leaving a space or hole to access the bolt you simply tighten or loosen all from the dock. It requires 1 tool - a 3/4" socket. 

The patented bushing system is virtually silent. No more clanking and squeaking. 

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